OIC Poverty Alleviation Programme (OIC-PAP) has been launched by SESRIC
Date : 02 February 2012

SESRIC has launched the OIC Poverty Alleviation Programme (OIC-PAP) in accordance with the recommendations adopted at the Workshop on Innovative Social Assistance Strategies in Poverty Alleviation, held in Ankara, Turkey on 12-14 December 2011, in order to develop and enhance technical cooperation among OIC Member Countries in the area of poverty alleviation, in collaboration with the relevant national, regional and international institutions.

OIC Poverty Alleviation Programme (OIC-PAP) aims to support the efforts of the Member Countries towards enhancing their institutional capacities and to improve the effectiveness of their national poverty alleviation strategies, and to explore methods and approaches to combat any future global crisis and natural disasters through facilitating the transfer of expertise and best practices among the Member Countries.

For more information on the OIC Poverty Alleviation Programme (OIC-PAP) please visit the OIC-VET Portal through