SESRIC is hosting the 3rd Global Meeting of the Expert Group on Refugee and IDP Statistics and Meeting of MED-HIMS
Date : 12-16 February 2019 Venue : Ankara Turkey

SESRIC is hosting the Third Global Meeting of the Expert Group on Refugee and Internally Displaced Persons Statistics (EGRIS) at its Headquarters in Ankara, Turkey between 12 and 14 February 2019, with the participation of EGRIS members. A meeting on Stateless Persons Statistics will be hosted on 15 February 2019 as well as a further meeting on MED-HIMS (Households International Migration Surveys in the Mediterranean countries a programme initiated by European Union) will take place on 14-16 February 2019 at SESRIC Headquarters.

The objectives of the Third Global Meeting of the EGRIS are to develop an advanced draft of the Compilers Manual, a practical guide for practitioners in countries working to improve statistics on forced displacement, and to discuss capacity-building activities on the relevant area.

The expected outputs of the Third Global Meeting of the EGRIS are an advanced draft of the Compilers Manual and clear steps to finalize it; identification of tools to include alongside the Manual; agreement on modalities for the Compilers Manual, including document, e-learning and information sharing platforms and tools; and a repository of identified capacity building opportunities.

EGRIS was established in accordance with the decision of the 47th Session of the United Nations Statistical Commission (UNSC) in 2016. The group consists of participants from national authorities, international statistical organisations, and other technical experts, co-led by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Statistics Norway and Eurostat, and aims to address the challenges related to refugee and IDP statistics. To oversee the work of Phase-II focusing on developing international recommendations for IDP statistics and developing a manual on compilation of statistics of refugees and IDPs, Turkish Statistical Institute and Joint IDP Profiling Service (JIPS) have joined the EGRIS Steering Committee. SESRIC has become a member of the EGRIS on 4 September 2018 in accordance with the resolutions of the Seventh Session of OIC Statistical Commission.

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