Workshop on 'Micro-Credit Financing and Poverty Alleviation in OIC Member States'
Date : 09-11 July 2007 Venue : Istanbul Turkey

The 22nd Session of the COMCEC held in Istanbul in November 2006 designated the SESRIC to take full responsibility as the coordinator institution for the exchange of views sessions of the COMCEC. The Session also designated “Micro-Credit Financing and Poverty Alleviation in Member States” as the theme for the Exchange of Views at the 23rd Session of the COMCEC, due to take place in November 2007 in Istanbul. In this connection SESRIC has organized a workshop on the theme “Micro-Credit Financing and Poverty Alleviation in OIC Member States”.

Definition and Scope of Micro-Credit Financing

Objectives and Goals of the Workshop

Participant List


Information for Participants


Islamic Development Bank - IDB Microfinance Experience

Asian Development Bank - "Challenges of the Microfinance Sector in Asia: The Asian Development Bank’s Experience"

BRAC - "BRAC Microfinance Program in Bangladesh and its International Replications"

FINCA International, Afghanistan - Networking,Training & Technical Cooperation for Microfinance Growth & Sustainability

Kiva Overview for MFIs - Raising Low Cost Debt Capital from Social Investors via the Internet

Shahid Beheshti University & Director of R&D, BKI - The Organizational Structure of Qard-al-Hassan Funds in Iran

UNCDF & UNDP - Building Inclusive Financial Sectors in Africa [BIFSA]

UNDP-Syria - Rural Community Development at Jabal al Hoss

ADFIMI - An Introduction to ADFIMI

SANABEL - The Microfinance Network of Arab Countries

Grameen Trust - Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Projects

Islamic Centre for Development of Trade - Small and Medium Sized Enterprises: Global Problems of Financing

Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI)  - "Micro Credit Financing and Poverty Alleviation in OIC Member States - BRI Unit Microbanking System"

Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI)  - "Micro Credit Financing and Poverty Alleviation in OIC Member States - Financial Literacy Training for Microbanking Customers"

Zakoura Foundation - "Non Financial Services in Zakoura Foundation for Micro Credit Morocco"

KOSGEB - Small And Medium Industry Development Organization