Statistical Data Submission Web Page
for OIC Member Countries

SESRIC is the major socio-economic information bank on and for the OIC Member States. It maintains, specifically, a system of computerised database, OICStat, which supports time series data collected on 386 socio-economic variables under 22 categories for the 57 OIC Member States dating back to 1970. This data is collected at regular intervals from the national statistical sources in each member state and also from the reliable international sources. Then, the data so collected are processed and disseminated to all relevant institutions and interested organisations/individuals in the member states and elsewhere through the Centre’s web site (

The current system, that you are about to start using, enables the member states to provide their own statistical data input online to OICStat. If you need to update your data related to your country, please enter the name of your country and also the username and password you have been provided with by SESRIC to start using the system.

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