The Capacity Building Project

The aim of the project is to address the pivotal needs of the relevant Libyan national institutions through providing capacity building trainings, study visits and training workshops and through introducing best practices and know-how in needed areas. The project is targeted towards: public servants, diplomats, members of non-governmental organizations, amongst others.

Training activities are categorized under six different areas as follows:

  1. Media and Journalism
  2. NGOs and Civil Society
  3. Public Administration
  4. Social Leaders of Peace
  5. Religious Leaders
  6. Community Mobilisers

The expected outcomes of the Project are as follows:

  • Determining the essential capacity building needs of the human resources in Libyan Institutions.
  • Building the capacity of cadres in public administration through specialized series of trainings.
  • Providing high-quality training for the trainees from the governmental and non-governmental sectors.
  • Enhancing the capacities of the institutions via exchange of experts and knowledge.

More information about the Project is available at:

Implemented Activities

Venue Date Information
Tripoli - Libya 03-14 March 2019 Training Course on Citizen Journalism in Libya
Ankara and Istanbul - Turkey 08-15 April 2019 Second Study Visit to Turkey for the Capacity Development of LPRD
Ankara and Istanbul - Turkey 30 April - 07 May 2018 LPRD Capacity Building Study Visit(OIC-OSHNET)
Ankara - Turkey 21 December 2017 Workshop on “Capacity Building of the Libyan Audit Bureau”