The SME Development and Empowerment Project

The SME Development and Empowerment Project aims to reduce poverty and youth unemployment in Libya through encouraging entrepreneurship activities and supporting entrepreneurs to start their own sustainable businesses. The project focuses on transforming the innovative ideas of the entrepreneurs into small businesses and projects and offers linking, matchmaking and capacity building opportunities through different modalities both in Libya and Turkey.

In this context, an Incubation Centre, BINA Incubator, was established in Istanbul, Turkey to support the development of Start-ups/SMEs by providing them mentorship, training and networking opportunities in a proper incubation environment. BINA Incubator’s primary objective is to graduate successful and financially viable firms that can survive and sustain by their own. The Incubator accepts technology companies or a combination of industrial and service companies through a selection process conducting in Libya.

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Implemented Activities

Venue Date Information
Tripoli - Libya 19-24 January 2019 ToT Pre-Training for Libyan SME Experts
Istanbul - Turkey 17-22 September 2019 BINA Training of Trainers on Entrepreneurship and SME Development
Istanbul - Turkey 18 October 2019 BINA Nama Competition
Istanbul - Turkey 07 November 2019 Training Course on ‘Access to Turkish Market’
Istanbul - Turkey 09-10 November 2019 SESRIC organized a Training on ‘Pitching Skills’
Istanbul - Turkey 28 November 2019 Director General of SESRIC participated in the inauguration ceremony of the Bina Incubator
Istanbul - Turkey 23-25 April 2018 Training Program on Technology, Entrepreneurship, Advocacy and Management of Business Incubation and Technology Parks
Istanbul - Turkey 06-07 February 2017 Kick-Off Meeting for the SME Development and Empowerment Project