Word from the Director General

Nebil DABUR, Director General, SESRICDear Visitors,

As a subsidiary organ of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), SESRIC has demonstrated, over the past four decades, its capacity and professionalism to successfully fulfil its mandate, which was entrusted to it 44 years ago. The Centre has accumulated solid experience and successful achievements in the three areas of its mandate, namely statistics, research and training. Over the years, the Centre has introduced various measures and methodologies and launched new approaches and programmes to strengthen its role in supporting and contributing to the efforts of the OIC and its member countries vis-à-vis the challenges they face in their development efforts. Now, the Centre is considered as one of the most active OIC institutions working in the domain of socio-economic development. It plays a significant role in promoting intra-OIC cooperation in a wide-range of relevant areas of its mandate.

As the only OIC institution mandated to work in the domain of statistics, SESRIC is the main repository of statistics and information on and for the OIC member countries. The Centre collects and disseminates high quality statistics on and for the OIC member countries in order to better inform them about each other’s potentials, capacities and needs and thus facilitate their cooperation in various fields and through different modalities. At the same time, the Centre serves as the Secretariat of the OIC Statistical Commission (OIC-StaCom), the only OIC cooperation fora in the field of statistics, similar to the UN Statistical Commission.

SESRIC is also considered as the main socio-economic research organ of the OIC. The Centre undertakes the task of preparing regular policy-oriented technical background reports and studies as well as strategic cooperation documents on a wide range of socio-economic issues on the OIC agenda. The Centre submits and presents these reports and documents to the various relevant OIC sectoral ministerial conferences. In so doing, SESRIC supports and contributes to the OIC high-level policy dialogue mechanism by analysing the current situation at the OIC level and suggesting appropriate policy actions that need to be taken in order to address the challenges and enhance intra-Islamic cooperation in the relevant areas.

In the area of training and technical cooperation, SESRIC plays an increasingly significant role in enhancing south-south cooperation among the OIC member countries. The Centre has been, over the years, initiating and implementing many capacity-building programs in various socio-economic areas and sectors of immediate interest to the member countries. These programmes aim at facilitating the transfer and exchange of knowledge, know-how and experiences among the member countries using different modalities and practical approaches and through effective partnership and cooperation with relevant OIC, national, and international institutions.

Overall, the centre pays special attention to strengthening its role in supporting and contributing to the development cooperation efforts of the OIC and its member countries by focusing on results-based approach in the implementation of its programmes and activities and by targeting the outcomes where cooperation can generate the greatest impact. In this context, the Centre has successfully shifted from scattered to focused interventions and from activity-based to results-oriented interventions.

In accordance with its statutory mandate and in line with global and regional developments and challenges, SESRIC will continue to initiate, introduce and implement new programmes and activities in the areas of statistics, economic and social research and training, with a view to strengthening its role in the joint efforts towards the realisation of the noble objectives of the OIC, particularly in enhancing cooperation, unity and solidarity and ensuring sustainable development, progress and prosperity in the member countries and the Islamic Ummah at large.

We will continue to keep you informed about the new initiatives, programmes and activities of SESRIC through our website and welcome all your constructive comments and suggestions for a more user-friendly SESRIC website.



Director General