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27-28 May 2015
Kuwait - Kuwait
01-02 June 2015
Tehran - Iran
02-04 June 2015
Eskişehir - Turkey
03-05 June 2015
Istanbul - Turkey
08 June 2015
Maputo - Mozambique
08-11 June 2015
Alger - Algeria
22-23 June 2015
Maputo - Mozambique

Training Course on ‘‘Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Development’’

25-26 May 2015

Training Course on “Investor and Financial Community Awareness” in Brunei Darussalam

25-26 May 2015

Training Course on “Occupational Hygiene” in Azerbaijan

19-20 May 2015

Fourth Meeting of the Forum of Euro-Mediterranean Statisticians

19 May 2015

Training Course on 'Tourism Statistics' in Azerbaijan

18-20 May 2015

Workshop on ‘‘Rural Development Policies’’

14-15 May 2015

The 31st Meeting of the Follow-Up Committee of the COMCEC

13-14 May 2015

Fifth Session of OIC Statistical Commission (OIC-StatCom)

12-14 May 2015

Training Course on 'Analysis of Household Income and Expenditure Data' in Kuwait

11-14 May 2015

Regional Workshop on ‘Spatial Measurements and Statistics, using GIS Technique, for GCC’

10-14 May 2015

Training Course on “Strengthening Extension Activities and Quality Seed Production of Cotton”

07-08 May 2015

Workshop on “The New Generation of Free Trade Agreements and Their Impact on Intra-OIC Trade of the Arab and African Countries”

04-06 May 2015

SESRIC and Fajr Capital Launch Infographics Series

New Capacity Building Programmes

SESRIC Seeking Economists/Researchers

SESRIC Internship Program

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Integration of Waqf and Islamic Microfinance for Poverty Reduction: Case Studies of Malaysia, Indonesia and Bangladesh

Education and Scientific Development in the OIC Member Countries 2014

Managing Disasters and Conflicts in OIC Countries

OIC Economic Outlook 2014

Journal of Economic Cooperation and Development, Vol. 36 No. 1

The Plight of Human Capital Flight in OIC Countries

Agriculture and Food Security in OIC Member Countries 2014

Vocational Education and Training Programme for OIC Member Countries (OIC-VET)
Basic Social and Economic Indicators Database (BASEIND)
SESRIC Motion Charts (SMC)
OIC Outlook

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